The museum has 30 buildings and monuments, some furnished with artifacts plus several tractors, farm machinery and engines.

Below are a few images of the Unity Museum Grounds. 

To see more, take a trip to the Unity & District Heritage Museum!


History of Buildings
Adanac Hall - built in 1910. Masonic Hall upstairs since 1911. 
Adanac School - SD #2210. This school was built in 1950. Our OFFICE is located within plus our one-room school display.
Adanac Church - St Thomas Anglican Church was built in 1908.
Blacksmith-s Shop- A granary now used to repair machinery/displays. 
Centennial Pole Shed- Built in 2005-06 to display machinery. 
CPR Station- Built in 1909 and located 2 miles north of Unity. 
Eastbank School - SD#3525. Built in 1915 on SW 29-41-23-W3. 
Harness Shop - Built by George German, houses shoe and harness artifacts. 
Horsman House - Farm house built in 1911 by David Horsman, 1906 pioneer. 
Millennium Time Capsule - Built by Masons/ metal fabrication by Hutterites in 2000, to be opened in 2050. 
Pete Craig Stone House - Built between 1906 & 1914, dismantled and rebuilt by Jake and Yvonne Nickel. Clay oven built in 2000.
Robertson House - Originally located at 201-4th Ave W, built in 1912. 
Rosemary School Barn - Built in 1919 on NE-3-40-23, used for storage.
Soddie - Built in 2006 by Zunti family, replica of Zunti soddie.
Swarthmore United Church - Built in 1926 by Society of Friends, Methodists and Presbyterians.

Human History
Costumes and Accessories 
Furniture or Furnishings 
Household Objects or Domestic Technology 
Maps, Charts, Plans or Blueprints 
Medical History and Technology 
Military History and Technology 
Musical Instruments 
Sports Equipment 
Local History


Thank you for your interest in the Unity & District Heritage Museum!

There is lots of opportUNITY in Unity, Saskatchewan. Check out our many other parks and attractions during your visit!

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